Generation Church’s growth is measured in two ways.  The first is spiritual growth.  As people come to faith in Jesus, it is important that they discover in greater depth who God is and how he desires to be involved in their daily lives.  This is a life-long process that takes place as we study God's Word together, learn to care about each other, and serve the world around us with the grace and power given us by the Holy Spirit.

Second is numerical growth. As we share our faith with the people around us at our places of work, neighborhoods and schools, some of them will respond to Christ. We invite these new believers to participate with us in our house-church gathering. If a group grows too large to meet in a single home, we will start another house-church. Or, if there is a small group of people who are interested in starting a house-church in their neighborhood, we can work with them to help make that a reality.

Our big concern is that we grow organically, not institutionally. To be organic means that all we do as a church springs from spiritual life and our connection with Jesus, not from some organizational structure or human institution. Not all house-churches are organic churches.