About Us

Generation Church had its start in 2001 as Rock Church in Chandler, Arizona. For the first eight years we met on the campus of Chandler-Gilbert Community College. Perhaps in part because of the college setting, the church ministered primarily to college students and young families. Although the church was able to introduce a number of young adults to Christ and helped many others to greater spiritual maturity, in the fall of 2008 it had to face the fact that it simply did not take in enough in money to fund staff and the rental of meeting facilities. Either the church had to close its doors or it had to move in an entirely new direction. After thirty days of urgently seeking the Lord's guidance and reading and re-reading anything the New Testament taught about the church, the leaders began to sense that God was leading them to re-think how the church is supposed to function in the world. They began to see that the church had become institutionalized in a way God never intended. Out of that realization came the desire to encourage the church to function in a more organic way. Other things changed, too, including where the church met and how it conducted itself when it gathered together. Ultimately, Rock Church was reborn as Generation Church.


Generation Church is part of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren of America. Read more...

What We Believe

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